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Published on: 16/10/2012

 “Government has an unavoidable role to play towards sustainable water services at scale in Ghana, as the only actor with the legitimacy to lead development of an agreed framework for service delivery”, says Mrs Vida Duti, Country Director of IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre in Ghana.

The message was delivered at a workshop for developing a funding proposal. The workshop was organised by Ghana’s Ministry of Water Resources, Works and Housing together with UNICEF. The Dutch government will fund the best proposal.

Mrs Duti’s presentation titled, “Towards sustainable water services at scale in Ghana” touched on challenges with sustainability in the water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) sector and the need to focus on service delivery.

IRC Ghana takes takes its sustainability message to government from IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre

Mrs Duti mentioned that presently a number of organisations and projects are addressing the challenges around delivering sustainable WASH services. These include the Sustainable Services at Scale (Triple-S) initiative, the WASHCost approach, the WASHTech project and the Dutch WASH Alliance.

Mrs Duti pledged that IRC Ghana will provide support in the development of the country proposal based on experiences from testing innovations for sustainability.

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