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Introducing BRAC WASH research

Published on: 08/07/2013

Action research in the BRAC WASH II programme focuses on six issues: sanitation in areas with high groundwater tables, secondary sludge treatment, low-cost water supply technologies, saline intrusion, monitoring and pit latrine sludge processing.

As part of the BRAC WASH II programme, € 1.5 million is funded by DGIS to be used for innovative research, tendered to consortia of leading European, Bangladeshi and international research organisations. The action research focuses on six long outstanding issues:

  1. Sanitation in challenging hydro-geological areas (SANTÉ)
    Lead organisation: WASTE
  2. Faecal sludge management – Value at the End of the Sanitation Value chain from single-pit latrines (VESV)

    Lead organisation: University of Leeds

  3. Low-cost water supply technologies (ASTRA)
    Lead organisation Practica Foundation

  4. Managing saltwater intrusion impacts in Bangladesh (SWIBANGLA)
    Lead organisation: Deltares

  5. WASH data ecosystem for monitoring - Online database simplifies monitoring data access and analysis and empowers field staff
    Lead organisation: BeDataDriven

  6. Converting faecal matter from millions of pit latrines into commercially viable fertiliser, biogas and electricity
    Lead organisation: Biosol Energy Europe

The action research is being executed in close collaboration with the BRAC WASH Programme to ensure that the results of successful action research will be quickly fed back into BRAC WASH for application at scale. In addition, the action research will be undertaken in consultation with IRC.

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