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Published on: 19/11/2015

So many people in the world do not have a toilet so there is still a lot to do. With the adoption of the new Global Goals, we have a new chance for change. 1 in 3 people do not have access to sanitation facilities, 946 million people still defecate in the open and 1 in 9 people do not have clean water. Let’s get to work!  

Responsible for the sanitation chain

Behind every toilet there is a sanitation chain: from the construction of facilities to the safe disposal of human waste. And who should be responsible for these services and keeps them going?   Government has to take on ownership. On World Toilet Day, IRC therefore calls on every government in the world to prioritise and invest in sanitation services.

Why is this important?

Just imagine the impact it can have: having a toilet speeds up social and economic development. It takes away a major chance on the spread of diseases which mostly affect children under five. You have time to invest in other things than seeking a place to relieve yourself.  It is time to invest in change. 

Campaigns for Change

Luckily some governments are already determined to change this! Read the story of how Ghana launches a sanitation challenge this month for big cities and municipalities to tackle their dire sanitation problem. In line with Modi’s Clean India Campaign, this initiative will hopefully inspire a national effort to improve sanitation and eliminate open defecation

Naturally, sanitation and hygiene need to be integrated in people’s lives. That’s why some governments start investing in public awareness campaigns and monitor behaviour change.

Read the story of the Indonesian archipelago, for example, where local government works on change with volunteers that regularly visit villages to check the status of toilets and its use. The question: 'how are you and how is your loo?' is not a taboo. It is a life-saver.

Politicians that prioritise and invest in sanitation services - that is what IRC wants. This is our only chance for change. Support us! 

Happy World Toilet Day 

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