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Published on: 07/02/2017

"Don't defecate out" are the words clearly printed on the sign post that welcomes visitors to Iyua village that is located in Pamujjo parish, Metu sub county in Moyo district. The village with a population of 867 people and 115 households was declared Open Defecation Free (ODF) on 14 March 2015 and since then; the community members have enjoyed good health that is free from diarrhea.

A recent visit by the WSSCC GSF/USF delegation was able to meet and learn a lot about the benefits of ODF. Below is a pictorial presentation of the fruits of ODF in Iyua village.

UWASNET ED Doreen Wandera joins residents on Iyua in a grand welcome dance

Assistant Commissioner EHD, Julian Kyomuhangi is welcomed in Iyua village

A well-maintained clean compound with plenty of food grown in the garden

A clean latrine with a satopan

Christine of Iuya village demonstrates the use of tippy tap


Some observations and lessons

  • The interest and willingness to construct and use latrines is based on the fact that the people of Iyuha village realized in 2014 that they were very tired of eating their own faeces
  • To ensure sustainability of their ODF status, the people of Iyua village set up a number of committees and some of these include; the village local council, disciplinary, women in charge of sanitation, men in charge of sanitation, finance, monitoring, children, youth, elders, disability, religious etc.
  • The success in Iyua village has attracted interest from neigbouring villages and has therefore hosted several learning visits.
  • The community leaders have shared the benefits of ODF on radio and this has enabled members of Iyuha village and surrounding villages to access more information about ODF

Some challenges to be addressed

  • Vandalism and stealing of ODF sign posts
  • Termites that eat up the latrines (poles and grass)
  • Not enough water to maintain the latrines (especially those with satopans)
  • Unknown people from neighbouring villages who come and defecate in Iyua village
  • Members of Parliament and key district leaders do not regularly come to see the good work in Iyua village


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