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Published on: 31/07/2013


The Cape Verdian government has approved the creation of two new water and sanitation bodies. On 30 July 2013, parliament passed a bill for the establishment of the national water and sanitation council CNAS (Conselho Nacional de Água e Saneamento), and the following day it agreed to set up the national water  and sanitation agency ANAS (Agência Nacional de Água e Saneamento).

Cape Verde WASH Institutional Model. Source: MCC, p. 9

The reform of the Cape Verdian water and sanitation sector is being supported by the US Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC).  In February 2012 the MCC signed a second five-year compact with the government of Cape Verde, which focuses on reforming the water and sanitation sector and the land management sector.

The aim of the US$ 41.1 million Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Project (WASH Project) of the MCC  Cape Verde Compact II is to improve sector performance by:

  •  reforming national policy and regulatory institutions (National Institutional and Regulatory Reform Activity)
  • transforming inefficient utilities into independent corporate entities operating on a commercial basis (Utility Reform Activity), and
  • improving the quality and reach of water and sanitation infrastructure (Infrastructure Grant Facility)

According to AfriqueJet news, the national water and sanitation council CNAS is comprised of the following members:

  •  a government member responsible for the water and sanitation sector
  • representatives of members of the executive body responsible for Finance, Planning, Agriculture, Energy, Economy, Sea, Health, Infrastructure and Local authorities.
  •  the chairman of the national water and sanitation agency ANAS
  • the national association of city councils in Cape Verde
  • the Chambers of Commerce and Services
  • the Platform of non-governmental organizations
  • associations linked to the problems of social integration and gender equality
  • the consumers association
  • the Chamber of Tourism

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