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Rethinking Cities: Making Cities Water Secure [webinar], 20 October 2020

20th Oct 2020

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Making cities more Water Secure

How can we make cities more resilient and more water-secure?

20th October - 08:00 EST | 14.00 CET | 17.30 IST

A panel of experts will explore the question and provide insights, including lessons from Africa and other emerging economies by IRC CEO Patrick Moriarty and a brief on Setting the context by Meera Mehta, the Executive Director, Centre for Water and Sanitation (CWAS), CRDF, CEPT University[Also IRC's supervisory board member].

The webinar will be anchored by Dinesh Mehta, the Executive Director, Centre for Water and Sanitation (CWAS), CRDF, CEPT University along with Patrick Moriarty. It aims to discuss the following:

1. What are the challenges in meeting the goal of making cities water-secure? What paradigm shifts in urban planning are needed? How will climate change impact water security in our cities?

2. Is the goal of a functional water tap in every household too ambitious? Do we have sufficient water resources to meet the urban water demand? What changes in outlook are needed to meet this ambitious target?

3. It is often argued that the key problem is not that of 'scarcity' of water in cities but that of inefficient management of water. Nearly half of the water supplied in many cities is "unaccounted for or non-revenue" water. Water is not metered in most cities in India. What can cities do to improve efficiency?

4. To ensure services for all focus is needed on reaching everyone. The urban poor communities receive only one-fourth of the water that non-poor residents receive. How can the services for the urban poor be improved?

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The webinar is organised by Habitat Forum - INHAF, CWAS, CEPT University.