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Published on: 27/11/2012

This guide provides highly practical decision-making tools for identifying the type of financing mechanisms to be implemented for on-site sanitation and small-piped sewerage systems.

The authors caution that the costs provided in the publication are for illustrative purposes only and do not reflect the wide variety of situations and practices encountered in the different countries in sub-Saharan Africa. The guide is organised into five chapters:

• The chapter ‘Categories of sanitation costs and expenditure’ provides a detailed list of the different components that need to be financed for each segment of the sanitation chain. Indicative cost estimates are also given here;

• The chapter ‘Financing transversal activities’ presents the various possible means of financing the activities and tools necessary for managing and supervising the entire sanitation sector (notably the intervention strategy and the monitoring and evaluation mechanism);

• The chapter ‘Financing access to sanitation’ details the different strategies available  for financing the access segment of the sanitation chain; • The chapter ‘Financing the evacuation of wastewater and excreta’ presents the various means of financing the second segment in the chain, drawing a distinction between on-site sanitation and small piped sewerage systems;

• The chapter ‘Financing the disposal and/or treatment of wastewater, excreta and sludge products’ details the strategies available for financing the disposal and treatment segment of the sanitation chain.

Lastly, the ‘Financing Sanitation Overview’ contains a summarised and simplified version of all of the financing mechanisms presented in the guide. [author abstract] Désille, D., Le Jallé , C., Toubkiss, J. and Valfrey, B., 2011. Financing sanitation in Sub-Saharan Africa. (Concerted Municipal Strategies [CMS] methodological guides on water and sanitation : six methodological guides; 6). [online] Paris, France: pS-Eau, Programme Solidarite Eau. 77 p.; ill.; 14 tab.; 5 fig.; 10 boxes


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