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Published on: 11/03/2015

We have all been there: we try to make maintenance of water and sanitation infrastructure appealing, nice to talk about. We try to awe future investors, we try to convince them making sure that "nothing bad happens" is as exciting as building new stuff. But let's be honest, we cannot beat the pitch of those that come with beautiful plans of brand new technology for waste water treatment, for delivering piped clean water to millions in cities.

On the 'Last Week Tonight' aired on the 2nd March, a US show with John Oliver, the infrastructure issue in the US is discussed, and the lack of maintenance too, even when there are supposedly dedicated funds. The best comes at the end. If you move forward to minute 17:36 you will see what a trailer for a blockbuster movie on maintenance would look like. Mr. Oliver has tried successfully for 20 minutes to make it funny and interesting, although I suspect that the only ones laughing out loud at this trailer are water and sanitation sector professionals or those that like Wes Anderson movies.

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