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B. Faso. Asse BF, Loi No. 002-2001/AN : portant loi d'orientation relative a la gestion de l'eau. Burkina Faso Unite - Progres - Justice, Assemblée Nationale, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, p. 8 p., 2001.
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F. R. O. E. C. D. - Paris, Water management and investment in the New Independent States : proceedings of a consultation between Economic/Finance and Environment Ministers, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 16-17 October 2000, presented at the 2001-01-01, Paris, France, 2001, p. 143 p. : 25 boxes, 16 fig., 7 tab.
A. K. Biswas, Faruqui, N. I., and Bino, M. J., Water management in Islam. Tokyo, Japan: United Nations University Press, 2001, p. xxiv, 149 p.
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CREPA -Ouagadougou, BF, Centre Regional pour l'Eau Potable et l'Assainissement a Faible Cout and RIF), R. Internatio, 12e conférence annuelle du RIF : "stratégies pour une amélioration durable des services d'eau potable et d'assainissement dans les zones à faibles revenus au cours du nouveau millénaire", du 04 au 08 décembre 2000 à Ouagadougou au Burkina Faso. Centre Regional pour l'Eau Potable et l'Assainissement a Faible Cout (CREPA), Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, p. 217 p. : fig., tabs., 2000.
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M. L. Borba, Capacity building for women in water supply and sanitation, in Women and water management : the Latin America experience, 2000, pp. P. 27-68 : 2 boxes, 2 tab.
C. McIvor, Community participation in water management : experiences from Zimbabwe, Development and cooperation (D+C), pp. p. 22-24 : 1 photogr., 2000.
T. Sepamo, Co-operation with small scale independent service providers in Lesotho, Water and sanitation update : a newsletter of NETWAS International, pp. p. 9 - 10, 2000.
Global Water Partnership - Stockholm, SE, GWP, De la vision à l'action pour l'Afrique de l'ouest (présenté à la Hayes, au 2è forum mondial del'eau 17 - 22 mars 2000) = Vision to action for West Africa (presented at the Hague 2nd world water forum 17 - 22 march 2000). Global Water Partnership (GWP), The Hague, The Netherlands, p. 46 p. : tabs., 2000.
L. Hakim, Evaluation of water supply project performance in PDAM Bogor and Palembang : under Bogor and Palembang urban development project, vol. 096. IHE (International Institute for Infrastructural, Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering), Delft, The Netherlands, p. ix, 106 p. : fig., map, tabs., 2000.
Mof Foreign Netherlands, Institutional development : Netherlands support to the water sector 1988-1998, vol. no. 284. The Hague, The Netherlands: Netherlands, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2000, p. vi, 138 p. : tab.
M. - T. Arcens, La recherche appliquée en milieu urbain, Info CREPA, pp. p. 4-12 : tabs., 2000.
B. Regulation and Industries, B., L'eau potable pour tous. Burkina Regulation, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, p. 48 p. : photogr., tabs., 2000.
R. Nanavaty, Mainstreaming gender in water management. Self Employed Women's Association, SEWA, Ahmedabad, India, p. 19 p. : photogr., 2000.


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