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D. Joshi and Fawcett, B., Water, Hindu mythology and an unequal social order in India : paper presented at the Second Conference of the International Water History Association, Bergen, August 2001. Institute of Irrigation and Development Studies (IIDS), University of Southampton, Southampton, UK, p. 20 p., 2001.
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S. Waddell, Emerging models for developing water systems for the rural poor : from contracts to co-production. Business Partners for Development (BPD) Water and Sanitation Cluster, London, UK, p. 26 p. : 3 fig., 4 tab., 2000.
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M. - T. Arcens, La participation communautaire dans les projets d'alimentation en eau potable et d'assainissement : l'exemple de Roumtenga au Burkina Faso, Info CREPA, pp. p. 13-25 : 8 photogr., 4 tab., 2000.
C. A. van Wijk-Sijbesma, Baumann, E., Bhatia, R., Kolsky, P., and Chilton, J., Learning from experience : evaluation of UNICEF's water and environmental sanitation programme in India, 1966-1998, vol. no. 01/04. UNICEF, New York, NY, USA, p. xxx, 76 p. + 234 p. annexes : 7 boxes, 7 fig., 6 tab., 2000.
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N. Uphoff, Operationalizing social capital : explaining and measuring mutually beneficial collective action in Rajasthan, India. Cornell University Press, Ithaca, NY, USA, p. 49 p. : 1 fig., 9 tabs, 2000.
M. Woodhouse, Leemans, A., Kaduri, G., and Musingi, R., Partnership Framework for Support to the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Sector in Tanzania : final document. Tanzania, Ministry of Water, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, p. 62 p. : fig., tabs., 2000.
C. C. Otte, Playing with the essence of life : thesis about organisation control and disputes over the interrelated issues of water and land in a Moroccan oasis village. Free University Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, p. xiii, 151 p. + 8 appendices (19 p.) : 15 photogr., 5 maps, 2000.
A. Ali and Hossain, S., Propelling participation. Dhaka, Bangladesh: NGO Forum for Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation, 2000, p. viii, 89 p. : photogr.
C. Morry, Report of the technical sessions 2nd General assembly : changing course. World Water Council, Marseille, France, p. ix, 50 p. : fig., 2000.
I. N. T. A. R. U. Leadi Delhi, Situation analysis for state strategy water and environmental sanitation Andhra Pradesh : final report. TARU Leading Edge, New Delhi, India, p. ca. 64 p. : fig., tabs., 2000.
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P. Dasgupta and Serageldin, I., Social capital : a multifaceted perspective. Washington, DC, USA: World Bank, 2000, p. xii, 424 p. : fig., tab.


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