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Why attend?

Game-changing, systemic, thinking and action.​ It's happening now. Here's how you can be a part of it at All Systems Connect 2023.

CONNECT to unlock faster, more impactful progress towards your goals. Discover new opportunities and novel ways of thinking and meet allies who can champion your cause. ​

UNITE with experts, activists and decision-makers. Join conversations, build alliances and develop networks. Share ideas and apply the success and what's been learnt from other fields. ​

HEAR the personal testimonies of citizens and senior leaders in districts across the world – including marginalised communities – and how they are achieving justice through effective national systems and lasting, public services.

LEARN how to design, implement, monitor and fund water, sanitation and hygiene for greater impact; how to overcome barriers to taking programmes to scale, armed with the skills to endure. Find out how water and sanitation services provide a gateway to justice, unlocking faster, impactful progress to achieve the SDGs. ​

MAKE the change you want with the people that matter. Join inspiring presentations and disruptive ways of thinking. Build momentum with the connections you make that will grow deeper beyond the Symposium.

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