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Many people, including the poor, are willing to pay for good sanitation that will satisfy their needs and desires if these products and services are affordable, packaged and marketed appropriately, and if they are easily accessible. To understand current and potential supply and demand for sanitation in your area you can do a rapid assessment with the help of this IRC tool

The rapid assessment combines consumer (demand) and market (supply) research based on the ‘marketing mix’: Price, Product, Promotion and Place. This means asking the following questions:

The results of the research are visualised with the aid of a ‘traffic light’ to visualise the match and/ or mismatch between supply and demand based on the above questions. The tool has been designed with three traffic lights indicating different degrees of a match between supply and demand.

The green lights show a balance between supply and demand of 75% and more: these issues require no attention. The yellow lights indicate a balance between supply and demand of between 50% and 75%: these issues deserve attention but only after the red traffic light issues have been addressed. Finally the red lights indicate a balance between demand and supply of less than 50%: these issues require immediate attention and need to be analysed further.

Insights from the rapid assessment inform recommendations for strengthening the sanitation centres.

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