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Moving towards self-sufficient WASH sectors

The goal of development aid should be to help build a system that no longer needs development aid. Within the framework of aid effectiveness, development partners have agreed to move away from project-based aid towards a programme-based approach in support of the development of the water, sanitation and hygiene sector as one system. This means aligning aid according to nationally defined priorities. It also means using country systems for programme design and implementation, financial management, monitoring and evaluation.

Strong country leadership and involving development partners in the visioning and diagnosis process provide a good foundation for aid effectiveness.

Tools & guidance

IRC developed a conceptual framework to assess the effectiveness of aid and applied it in Honduras, Ghana and Burkina Faso. The framework assesses aid effectiveness in terms of its contribution (through grants and loans) to improved performance of the WASH sector. It is described in pages 16 - 19 of the Honduras case study. 


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