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Improving lives

The Tenkodogo municipal authorities have developed a water, hygiene and sanitation master plan to make drinking water, toilets and good hygiene practices available to all the inhabitants of the district. This is a critical strategic systems development step.

Extraordinary results

Implementation has already led to several extraordinary results. In urban areas, 580 families now have drinking water in their homes through a private ONEA (the water utility) connection. In rural areas, a feasibility study was carried out in 10 villages to upgrade the current hand pumps, which are unable to meet population water needs, to more solid and efficient installations that will serve 2,614 people as soon as they are completed. Through the "Clean Hands, Good Health" campaign, 7,684 pupils now regularly wash their hands with soap and water and are protected from diseases related to dirty hands. 

A long road 

420 vulnerable households are still not connected to the private ONEA network in the urban area, 22,614 inhabitants of surrounding villages urgently need drinking water and 168 schools with 29,594 pupils are still to be reached with vital behavioural hand hygiene awareness. IRC, with the support of the LDS Foundation, is supporting the people and experts of Tenkodogo on their journey to reach water and sanitation for all.

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