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data from 2021
2017 collection of baseline data
2018 launch Asutifi North District Based full WASH coverage initiative
2019 launch investment phase ANAM initiative
2020-2030 implementation towards full WASH coverage

A Collective process

In 2017, IRC Ghana, together with Asutifi North District Assembly, brought together local and national government leaders, implementation partners, chiefs, market women, water service providers, private sector representatives, local NGOs and sachet water producers under the Asutifi North Ahonidie Mpontuo (ANAM) initiative, to address how to provide WASH services to everyone in the district.  transformative plan

A transformative plan

In 2018, ANAM presented a District WASH Master Plan with an ambitious goal – to reach 52,000 people, every person in Asutifi North district. The aim is to provide everyone with basic services and 32,000 people with safely managed water services and to ensure that all 90 schools and 12 health care facilities have safe and sustainable water, sanitation and hygiene facilities. The plan is supported by a detailed investment strategy. 

Rapid progress

Since the launch of the plan, the Asutifi North District Assembly and ANAM partners have made significant progress. Basic and safe water services are growing and on track (see below), and the Asutifi North ANAM partnership is creating attention across Ghana. Now the national government and other districts are moving to adopt the approach.

Read District Case Study: Asutifi North and learn about the process, progress and outcomes and the partnership. Download the district WASH master plan. Visit the ANAM WASH website.

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