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MaliIRC Mali at a glance

The IRC team in Mali is led by country coordinator Afou Chantal Bengaly

4 staff
6 projects
3 donors
3 partners, collaborations or working groups
€ 315 thousand invested 

$ 2,348 Gross Domestic Product per capita PPP
Human Development Index rank
6,290 m
3 Renewable water resource per capita

data from 2021

Partner districts

Nossombougou, Ouolodo and Tioribougou

2018 kick-off support to partner districts
2021 opening of the IRC Mali office
2022 growing portfolio of projects and partnerships
2030 universal access to WASH in Mali

The water and sanitation gateway 

Mali is a fragile, low-income economy. Strengthening WASH systems and achieving SDG 6 requires innovative ways to make the case for water and sanitation as a gateway to improved health and education services and wider social justice and economic benefits. 

Plans for three districts 

In 2018, together with World Vision, IRC Mali supported the mayors from the districts of Nossombougou, Ouolodo and Tioribougou to develop district WASH master plans. IRC Mali is now assisting in the implementation of these plans.

Young, experienced and wise

The team in Mali is running the newest IRC focus country programme. Our district work is providing the evidence and experience that will feed into the national influencing strategy and roadmap for Mali achieving SDG6. 

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Our work in Mali [in French]

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IRC WASH Mali au coeur du renforcement des systèmes AEPHA au Mali - 2021


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près de la mairie de la CIV
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