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TitleWould you drink your wastewater? A water brochure for young people
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsBrussels, BEEuropean C
Pagination28 p.; ill.; photographs; drawings; tab.; boxes
Date Published2012-01-01
PublisherPublications Office of the European Union
Place PublishedLuxembourg, Luxembourg
Keywordsdomestic use, drinking water, multiple-use of water, wastewater collection, wastewater recycling, water use

People depend on water for almost everything that is  done. It is taken for granted that there are facilities to drink, wash and swim in clean, safe water whenever needed; and that the dirty water from toilets, showers and sinks will be taken away somewhere where it won’t be seen, smellt or used to swim in it. But this instant access to clean water and sanitation doesn’t come cheap. The water in taps has to be sourced from a plentiful supply, filtered, cleaned and pumped into our homes. It has to be tested to make sure it is safe to drink. Dirty water needs to be taken away through a sewer network and treated. It has to be stripped of disease-causing bacteria and man-made pollutants before being returned to rivers and the sea. [authors abstract]


With references and a list for further reading on p. 28

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