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TitleWater Tech : a guide to investment, innovation and business opportunities in the water sector
Publication TypeProgress Report
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsSarni, W, Pechet, T
Date Published11/2013
Publication LanguageEnglish
ISBN Number 1849714738 ISBN-13: 978 1849714730
Keywordsfinancing, water technology

This book unveils how the world in the twenty-first century will need to manage our most fundamental resource need, water. It outlines how stakeholders can improve water use in their homes, their businesses, and the world. In particular, it focuses on the role of stakeholders in crafting a twenty-first century paradigm for water. Investors not only drive innovation through direct investment in new technologies but also by highlighting risk and driving reporting and disclosure within the business community. Water Tech highlights the business drivers to address water related issues. These include business disruption, regulatory risk and reputational risk along with opportunities in the commercialization of innovative technologies such as desalination and water reuse and treatment. [authors abstract]


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