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TitleWater, het blauwe goud : de waterfilmploeg in Kenia
Publication TypeAudiovisual
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsAmsterdam, NLPlan Neder
PaginationVideo (? min) : VHS
Date Published2003-01-01
PublisherPlan Nederland
Place PublishedAmsterdam, The Netherlands
Keywordschildren, kenya, safe water supply, sdiafr, sdiman, water pollution, water-related diseases

This video shows the lack of safe water supply for low-income communities in rural and urban areas in Kenya and the negative impact on health. A children's film crew shows several sources of polluted water like a pool with stagnant water and a river wich is contaminated by sewage containing human wastes. If there are no alternative sources of water supply, children and adults use this polluted water for domestic purposes like washing clothes. As a consequence they contract water related diseases like diarrhoea and vector-borne infections like malaria. This has a negative effect on school attendance and learning capability. The children also show existing safe water supply solutions like rainwater harvesting in a large resevoir with pipes connected to public taps and roof catchment in a school where rainwater is stored in a large tank. This is used for handwashing and other(hygienic) uses within the school.

Custom 1202.5, 824
Translated TitleWater, the blue gold : the water film team in Kenia



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