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TitleWater for food, water for life : a comprehensive assessment of water management in agriculture
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsMolden, D
Paginationviii, 40 p. : 6 boxes, 7 fig., 4 maps, 2 tab.
Date Published2007-01-01
Place PublishedLondon, UK
ISSN Number9781844073962
Keywordsagriculture, benefits, costs, evaluation, impact, policies, sdipol, water resources development, water resources management, water supply, water use

The Comprehensive Assessment of Water Management in Agriculture critically evaluates the benefits, costs, and impacts of the past 50 years of water development, the water management challenges communities are facing today, and solutions people have developed. The assessment was originally framed by 10 questions, later expanded as interest grew, and includes the overarching question : how can water in agriculture be developed and managed to help end poverty and hunger, ensure environmental sustainable practices and find the right balance between food and environmental security ?

This multi-institutional process aims at assessing the current state of knowledge and stimulating ideas on how to manage water resources to meet the growing needs for agricultural products, to help reduce poverty and food insecurity, and to contribute to environmental sustainability. The scope is water management in agriculture, including fisheries and livestock, and the full spectrum of crop production from soil tillage through supplemental irrigation and water harvesting to full irrigation in a sustainable environment context. It describes key water-food-environments trends that influence our lives today and uses scenarios to explore the consequences of a range of potential investments. It aims to inform investors and policymakers about water and food choices in light of such crucial influences as poverty, ecosystems, governance, and productivity. It covers rainfed agriculture, irrigation, groundwater, marginal-quality water, fisheries, livestock, rice, land, and river basins.

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