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TitleWater, environment and sanitation : a report on knowledge, attitudes and practices study in rural India : beneficiaries
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1989
AuthorsDelhi, INUNICEFReg, Delhi, INIndian Mar
Pagination131 p.: fig., tab.
Date Published1989-01-01
PublisherUNICEF Regional Office for South Central Asia
Place PublishedNew Delhi, India
Keywordsanimal excreta, attitudes, behaviour, cab91/1, communities, disposal, hand pumps, health, human excreta, hygiene, india, kap surveys, latrines, m, maintenance, sewage, tp29, use of facilities, water quality, water sources, water storage, water use

In order to bridge the gap between city bred planners and the needs, priorities, and benefits of safe water and sanitation systems as perceived by the beneficiaries, it is important to understand the knowledge, attitudes, and practices (KAP) of the rural population with regard to this subject. A comprehensive study was carried out among the rural population in 8 states in India. In the qualitative part 3 target groups were covered: beneficiaries, influencers, and implementors. To invesigate the KAP of the beneficiaries regarding water, hygiene, and sanitation, 88 group discussions were conducted with men and women in rural India. In the detailed findings these KAP studies are described in terms of: the understanding of water; practices regarding use, collection, and storage of water; issues related to handpumps; hygiene, disposal of waste water, dung and garbage; defecation practices, and the use of household and community latrines.

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