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TitleUnderstanding the resource implications of the ’plus‘ in community management of rural water supply systems in India: concepts and research methodology.
Publication TypeWorking Paper
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsSmits, S, Franceys, R, Snehalatha, M, Hutchings, P
Secondary Title Community Water Plus working paper
Pagination59 p. : 7 fig., 19 tab.
Date Published06/2015
Place PublishedThe Hague
Publication LanguageEnglish

This paper provides an outline of the conceptual framework for the Community Water Plus research project. This project aims to gain insight into the modalities and costs of service provision by studying a sample of twenty of the most successful community-managed rural water programmes in India. The research will scrutinise the resource implications of the 'plus' factor – external support from government and other entities - across a range of conditions and technologies in the sample programmes. It will examine what type, extent and style of supporting organisations are prevalent in the rural water supply chain and what combination of factors and organisations most positively influence water services delivery to ensure sustainability.

The paper defines and provides a conceptual background to the current situation; outlines the research methodology to answer the research questions; and details the analytical tools that will be used to attain the results.


Incl. 79 references

Citation Key79475



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