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Emerging lessons from the use of building blocks for sustainable un-sewered urban sanitation in sub-Saharan Africa.

TitleUn-sewered sanitation improvements for the urban-poor : overview of the African Water Facility project portfolio
Publication TypeProgress Report
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsTremolet, S, Prat, M-A, Mansour, G, Ntege-Wasswa, M
Series EditorBahri, A
Tertiary AuthorsGuene, O, Hollhuber, F
Secondary TitlePortfolio overview / African Water Facility
Pagination71 p. : 8 fig., 7 boxes, 3 tab.
Date Published07/2014
PublisherAfrican Water Facility
Place PublishedTunis, Tunisia
Publication LanguageEnglish

This report analyses 14 un-sewered urban sanitation projects benefitting 2.9 million people in 11 sub-Saharan African countries, which are supported by the African Water Facility (AWF). At the time of the review, three projects were being completed, eight projects were at early stages of implementation and three were going through approval. The projects are implemented using a mix of institutional models (business-led, NGO-led or municipality-led). 

The report captures emerging lessons from the design and implementation of these projects, with a particular focus on identifying how the projects have incorporated strategies to promote sustainability. The AWF-funded projects use five main strategies or building blocks to foster sustainability: 

  1. create demand
  2. develop service provide capacity
  3. facilitate access to finance
  4. develop an integrated business approach to sanitaton service provision
  5. strenghthen municipal insitiutions

At the time of writing it was still too early to draw definitive conclusions about whether the strategies deployed by the
AWF-funded projects had been successful at fostering sustainability.



Includes references and project profiles




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