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TitleTwo WASHTech tools: TAF and TIP leaflet
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This four-page leaflet explains two tools developed by the WASHTech project.

The Technology Applicability Framework (TAF) helps to decide if a WASH technology is sustainable and applicable – or not – in a specific context. The framework also indicates risks and supportive factors that may affect the technology introduction process.

The four steps of using the TAF are:

1) technology screening,

2) technology assessment,

3) presentation of results

4) interpretation of results.

The second tool is the Technology Introduction Process (TIP) Guide, that provides guidance on successfully introducing technology. The TIP identifies three phases in the uptake of WASH technologies:

1) Invention, with sub-phases "testing" and "launch",

2) Tipping Point

3) Uptake and Use.

Each phase has its own characteristics with respect to the level of investments needed, revenue and impacts.

TAF and TIP have been tested in Burkina Faso, Ghana, and Uganda. To access TAF and TIP, visit



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