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TitleSynthesis report on the first phase of the evaluation of the implementation of the Paris Declaration
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsWood, B, Kabell, D, Sagasti, F, Muwanga, N
Paginationxvi, 143 p.
Date Published2008-07-01
PublisherDenmark, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Place PublishedCopenhagen, Denmark
ISSN Number9788776679170
Keywordsdevelopment cooperation, funding agencies, government organizations, institutional aspects, policies, triple s harmonisation

This report synthesises the results of the first evaluation of the early implementation of the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness, endorsed in March 2005, from March 2005 to late 2007. It comprises extensive assessments in eight countries, together with lighter studies on eleven development partner or donor agencies, focussing at the headquarters level. Since it is an early evaluation, the focus is on ways of improving and enhancing implementation, rather than giving any definitive judgment about effectiveness. This evaluation complements a parallel monitoring process. The Monitoring Surveys are intended to monitor what is happening with respect to implementation against selected indicators, while this evaluation is intended to shed light on why and how things are happening as they are. In spite of a number of limitations, which are acknowledged in the report, the evaluation results make a significant contribution to that aim. The evaluation has focused on answering three central questions: What important trends or events are emerging in the early implementation of the Paris Declaration?; What major influences are affecting the behaviour of countries and their Development Partners in relation to implementing their Paris commitments?; Is implementation so far leading toward the Declaration’s five commitments of ownership, alignment, harmonisation, managing for results and mutual accountability? If so, how and why? If not, why not? All the evaluation teams were expected to examine three enabling conditions for implementing the Paris Declaration: The commitment and leadership being applied; The capacities to act; The incentives to do so.

NotesIncludes references
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