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TitleSustainable sanitation in cities : a framework for action
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsLüthi, C, Panesar, A, Schütze, T, Norström, A, McConville, J, Parkinson, J, Saywell, D, Ingle, R, International Forum on Urbanism -Delft, NL, IFoU
Pagination165 p. : boxes, fig.
Date Published2011-01-01
PublisherPapiroz Publishing House
Place PublishedRijswijk, The Netherlands
ISSN Number9789081408844
Keywordsappropriate technology, case studies, planning, sanitation, sdiurb, sustainability, urban areas

This book introduces innovative technologies that are not yet mainstream, but have the potential to provide significant benefits in cities where there are at present low coverage and inadequate sanitation facilities. The book aims to take a practical viewpoint and focuses on technologies that have already been successfully implemented. It does not address the financial and economic analysis of sustainable sanitation in any depth. After the introduction Chapter 2 describes the situation with regards to urban sanitation in cities throughout the world; Chapter 3 introduces a historical perspective on sanitation in cities underlining that the history of urban sanitation did not begin in the 19th Century; Chapter 4 links the discourse on sustainability in cities to the topic of sanitation. Chapter 5 provides a set of practical actions for local application; Chapter 6 deals with the planning of sustainable sanitation for urban and peri-urban areas and its importance for achieving more sustainable forms of urban development; Chapter 7 makes the case for a systems approach to sanitation, underlining the importance of considering the entire treatment and management chain, and not just providing toilets; Chapter 8 describes entry points for action on the ground focussing on putting plans into practice, underlining key issues of implementation relating to social mobilisation, sanitation promotion and the creation of enabling environments; and Chapter 9 provides further sources of information and a list of interesting websites on sustainable sanitation and green urbanism. The book is intended for professionals, decision makers, planners and sanitation engineers who are responsible for city planning and management and urban infrastructure provision.

NotesBibliography: p. 148 - 164
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