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A tool developed by UNICEF Mozambique to assess the sustainability of WASH infrastructure.

TitleSustainability check
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsSchweitzer, R, Grayson, C, Lockwood, H
Date Published05/2014

Since 2008, UNICEF Mozambique has implemented six rounds of sustainability checks for the 'One Million Initiative' rural WASH programme (2007-2013). This monitoring tool was designed to be used by independent auditors to assess the sustainability of the WASH facilities and make recommendations to programme managers. The average cost is US$65,000 per assessment. Other UNICEF country programmes in Rwanda, Malawi and Zambia have developed similar checks greatly inspired from the check developed in Mozambique. 

This tool is one of 25 tools for WASH sustainability reviewed as part of the Triple-S project and further elaborated on in 'Mapping of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Sustainability Tools' (Ryan Schweitzer, Claire Grayson and Harold Lockwood. Triple-S Working Paper 10, May 2014).


For an overview of the other tools see '25 WASH sustainability tools'.




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