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This study investigates a pilot programme which facilitates public involvement in addressing source sustainability issues and CEC's follow-up actions to (re)mobilize communities to address water insecurity in Morappur, Tamil Nadu.

TitleSupporting community-managed water supply in Morappur, Tamil Nadu
Publication TypeResearch Report
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsHutchings, P
Pagination64 p. : 13 fig., 6 photogr., 24 tab.
Date Published062015
PublisherCranfield University; IRC
Place PublishedCranfield, UK
Publication LanguageEnglish

Morappur is a government labelled 'dark' block that suffers from depleted and contaminated groundwater in Tamil Nadu. Delivering sustainable water supply here has required the combined efforts of communities and a number of different support agencies. From 2004 the TWAD Board (Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board), a public utility, piloted a new programme to facilitate public involvement in efforts to address source sustainability issues, whilst later the Centre of Excellence for Change (CEC), a national NGO, built on this legacy to (re)mobilise communities to address water insecurity. These efforts have complemented the on-gong support provided to rural communities through the Panchayat Raj Institutions (the local self-government) and have recently been further supplemented by massive investment from the state government in a new bulk water scheme bringing surface water to the region. As part of the Community Water plus research series this case study sets out to assess this support arrangement in more detail, in terms of the type and extent of support that is provided to villages, the effects this has on service delivery and the resources required to deliver it. The study has taken place in three villages in Morappur that have been part of the main programmes and the findings have been contrasted with a village from a neighbouring block that has not been included in all the same programmes.


Includes 27 references

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