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This paper presents the AtWhatCost life cycle costing tool, the Asset Assessment Tool:, the annual service delivery monitoring activity, the Sustainable Services Checklist and the Water Resources Inventory tool.

TitleA suite of tools to support a systems-based approach to sustainable management of water service delivery
Publication TypeTool
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsLemme, K, Latham, K, Kugler, K
Pagination15 p.
Date Published01/2017
PublisherWater For People
Place PublishedDenver, CO, USA
Publication LanguageEnglish
This paper presents the following suite of tools that Water for People uses to plan and monitor the various elements of sustainability of service delivery:
  • AtWhatCost: A life cycle costing tool mapping revenue and expenses of a water system to understand better the levels of financial sustainability for service providers.
  •  Asset Assessment Tool: A spreadsheet that paints a district-wide picture of all water infrastructure and considers its age, functionality, and physical condition to illustrate risks and priorities for future investment needs and planning by the service authority.
  •  The annual service delivery monitoring activity allows service authorities and service providers to measure progress and trends in water service delivery. It is a critical tool in measuring levels of service and as a basic measurement of sustainability.
  •  Sustainable Services Checklist: An Excel-based score card reflecting the institutional strength of WASH service delivery stakeholders. Through data analysis and direct interviews of the stakeholders, the Sustainable Services Checklist is an indicator used to reflect progress to the delivery of sustainable services, and ultimately when external intervention can exit.
  •  The Water Resources Inventory tool is designed to establish a foundation for developing district water resource management plans. In Honduras, this tool has led to the purchase and protection of high priority drinking water catchments.
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