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This building block assessment report delivers a comprehensive assessment of the strengths and areas for improvement within the WASH system in South Ari Woreda, Ethiopia. The assessment and scoring framework present valuable insights into the current state of WASH systems in the woreda and establishes a benchmark against which future advancements can be effectively measured and tracked.

TitleSouth Ari Woreda WASH building block assessment
Publication TypeCase Study
Year of Publication2023
AuthorsHailegiorgis, BG, Dejenu, NG, Nonno, LM
Pagination20 p.
Date Published10/2023
PublisherIRC WASH Ethiopia
Place PublishedAddis Ababa, Ethiopia
Publication LanguageEnglish

This WASH building blocks assessment evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of the WASH system in the South Ari Woreda, Ethiopia. The assessment scores range from 1 (very weak) to 5 (very strong). The assessment summarises the strengths and weaknesses of the current South Ari Woreda WASH systems, providing stakeholders with insights into the status of the WASH systems and a baseline for monitoring progress. The assessment provides a qualitative description and a "traffic light" score for each of the 10 building blocks. Each building block is scored using three to five key statements, representing core elements of an ideal scenario for sustainable service delivery.



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