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TitleSmart disinfection solutions : examples of small-scale disinfection products for safe drinking water
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsBouman, D, Novalia, W, Hiemstra, P, Willemsen, J
Pagination70 p. : fig., photogr., techn. drwngs
Date Published2010-01-01
PublisherKIT Publishers
Place PublishedAmsterdam, The Netherlands
ISSN Number9789460221019
Keywordsappropriate technology, disinfection, rural areas, sdiwat, water treatment

This booklet was prepared as a contribution to the IWA conference on Sustainable Solutions for Small Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems which was held in Girona, Spain, April 2010. It aims to help achieve the drinking water targets as stated in MDG 7: halving the proportion of people who don't have sustainable access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation. The book provides current information on simple methods to improve drinking water for households. "Point of use" and small-scale treatment is a promising strategy to improve access to safe drinking water, in particular for the poor. It is aimed at those who advise on systems for home water treatment in rural areas with current information on simple methods to improve drinking water for households. This booklet, part of the Smart Water Solutions series, can help them decide which method is best for a specific situation and what effect can be expected with respect to reduction of harmful micro-organisms. It also gives some price indications and refers to specific websites for further information.

NotesBibliograph: p. 69-70
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