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TitleSector Assessment WASHCost Mozambique: final report
Publication TypeProgress Report
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsSalomon Lda
Pagination111 p.; 9 Tab.; 13 Fig.;
Date Published10/2008
PublisherSalomon Lda
Place PublishedMaputo, Mozambique
Publication LanguageEnglish
Keywordsgovernance, laws and regulations, mozambique, sector analysis
This report is the first product of a series of studies and exercises that, in the course of the next five years, will be deciphering the actual costs of sustainable WASH services 
to the poor, and assist the global community to meet the MDGs sustainably.
The report presents a comprehensive subsector analysis from its institutional, policy  and regulatory perspective as well as a brief discussion of technological options and makes an initial description and assessment of costs related to the provision of sustainable WASH services. Information provided by different players in the sector and extensive review of secondary data and reports gathered from several sources,  including findings from visits to two provinces (Sofala and Nampula) were the main methodologies used to compile this report. [authors abstract]



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