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TitleSanitation in Wonosobo: two evaluation approaches compared
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsWalujan, R, Istandar, A, Hopkins, R
Secondary TitleField note / WSP
Pagination15 p. : 5 fig., 2 tab.
Date Published2002-04-01
PublisherWater and Sanitation Program - East Asia and the Pacific, WSP-EAP
Place PublishedJakarta, Indonesia
Keywordsevaluation methods, indonesia central java wonosobo district, methodology, sanitation, sdiasi, sdiman

Summary of the results of a comparative case study on two program evaluation approaches used for the assessment of UNICEF's sanitation program in sample villages in Wonosobo district of Central Java: the conventional survey method used by UNICEF, and the participatory method employed by WASPOLA.
The case study shows the two approaches produced both similar and different assessment results. However, it is also clear that the use of different approaches can provide comparable results if sufficient attention is given to their design and implementation processes, particularly with respect to the sample selection and the questionnaire development. The costs of both approaches appeared to be comparable as well.

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