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TitleReview of existing monitoring systems and practices
Publication TypeResearch Report
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsBaetings, E
Date Published01/2012
Place PublishedThe Hague, the Netherlands
Publication LanguageEnglish

During 2011 the SHAW implementing partners were busy developing, applying and improving their own programme performance monitoring systems. For most of the partners this meant enormous investments of limited resources. In the beginning of 2012 a review was carried out by IRC to evaluate the existing monitoring systems and to see whether a generic system needed to be developed for harmonising monitoring practices across the partner NGOs. The report provides a detailed insight in the outcomes of the review, namely:

  • the current set up and experiences with the different monitoring systems and whether these systems are able to review the progress and overall performance of the SHAW programme;
  • a number of recommendations to improve the monitoring practices of the partner NGOs and opportunities to develop a generic monitoring system.
Citation Key21460



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