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TitleRegional water intelligence report central Asia : baseline report
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsGranit, J, Jagerskog, A, Löfgren, R, Bullock, A, de Gooijer, G, Pettigrew, S, Lindström, A
Pagination32 p.; tab.; diagram; map
Date Published2010-03-01
PublisherStockholm International Water Institute (SIWI)
Place PublishedStockholm, Sweden
Keywordsaccess to water, sdiasi, sdiwat, south east asia, water demand, water use

The Central Asian states and Afghanistan, except Kazakhstan, are poor. Water for economic growth is therefore at the core of their interests. There is a significant hydropower potential in the Aral Sea Basin and there exist major hydrocarbon assets. The region as a whole is relatively well endowed in water resources but lacks good national and regional management frameworks. There are significant “upstreamdownstream” issues with wealthier countries downstream and poorer countries upstream; hydropower potential upstream and irrigation demands downstream; and different governance structures, for example, Kazakhstan pursuing a market-oriented approach while Turkmenistan is based on full state property of water resources.

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