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TitleThe reform of the water sector in Tanzania
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsDoering, E
EditionFWU, Vol. 3, Topics of Integrated Watershed Management – Proceedings p. 35 - 53
Pagination19 p.;(p. 35 - 53); 1 tab.; 4 fig.
Date Published2005-01-01
PublisherGTZ Dar es Salaam
Place PublishedDar es Salaam, Tanzania
Keywordsdevelopment cooperation, development workers, how to, policies, reform, tanzania, water management, water resources, water, sanitation and hygiene [WASH]

This paper provides main features of the water sector reform process in Tanzania; outlines the history of the water sector; basic
reform principles; future roles and responsibilities in a new institutional set up; characteristics of new legislation. It shows the
challenges ahead and the prospects of a future sector-wide approach to sector planning. The reform of the Water Sector in
Tanzania is embedded in a comprehensive economic and administrative reform programme. Underlying principles of the sector
reform are elimination of conflicts of interest through clear division of powers, management of water services at the lowest
appropriate level, cost recovery and integrated approach to water resources management.

NotesWith 4 references
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