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TitleReaching the MDG target for sanitation in Africa : a call for realism
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsKonradsen, F, Bjerre, J, Evans, B
Secondary TitleGood practice notes 2010 / Danida
Pagination50 p. : fig., tab.
Date Published2010-02-01
PublisherDANIDA, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Place PublishedCopenhagen, Denmark
ISSN Number9788770873000
Keywordsafrica, awareness raising, capacity building, financing, hygiene, millennium development goals, policies, sanitation, sdiafr, sdipol, sustainability

This document contains a synthesis paper: Reaching the MDG Target for Sanitation in Africa – A Call for Realism, and four issue papers: Building political commitment for sanitation in a fragmented institutional landscape; Hooked on sanitation subsidies; Challenges in supporting hygiene behavior change; and Measuring progress in sanitation. The purpose of the synthesis paper is to discuss central challenges in connection with providing sanitation services from the perspective of international development assistance. It focuses on management of human excreta and the prevention of faecal-oral infections. The discussion concentrates primarely on sanitation interventions to separate, contain and dispose of human excreta focusing on the construction, use and proper management of some sort of latrine. Key hygiene behaviour is also considered especially hand washing at critical times and disposal of childrens' faeces. The paper gives an historical review of sanitation and lists political, econmic, participatory, technological, and monitoring barriers and the responses to the challenges set by these barriers.

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