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TitlePolitical processes and technical consultations for the development of the post-2015 agenda
Publication TypeFact Sheet
Year of Publication2014
Authorsvan Soest, A, Uytewaal, E, Blesgraaf, R, Sarkodie, Y
Pagination4 p.: 2 photogr.
Place PublishedThe Hague, The Netherlands
Publication LanguageEnglish
Other NumbersA3

To safeguard the gains made by the introduction of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, the sector has started mobilising itself to ensure that the "unfinished agenda" - goals that had not been reached within the MDG timeframe - do not "fall off" the development blueprint for the coming years. In this information sheet, global efforts, debates and preliminary agreements that frame the sector's post-2015 agenda are presented.

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