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TitleThe paradox of rural water user demand and satisfaction : findings from selected districts in northern and mid western Uganda
Publication TypeProgress Report
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsMagara, P
Pagination6 p. : 3 fig.
Date Published08/2014
Publication LanguageEnglish

Users’ satisfaction and payment for rural water services provides a striking story behind the factors that affect demand for water. The story emerges from the study conducted by Triple-S Uganda in 2012/13 on Assessment of performance of the service delivery model for point water supply facilities in 16 Sub counties in 8 districts1 in Technical Support Units 2 & 6 (Northern and Mid-western Uganda). The point water facilities include; shallow wells and deep boreholes fitted with hand pumps, and protected springs.

In the study, users’ satisfaction was used to get perspectives of the water users on the different parameters of the service: quality, quantity, reliability and convenience/distance. In addition, the assessment measured the actual levels of service received by users, levels of performance of service managers, and levels of performance of service authorities and institutional support mechanisms.

This paper analyses the level of service that water users receive with emphasis on quantity of water accessed,




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