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TitleOut of water : from abundance to scarcity and how to solve the world's water problems
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsChartres, C, Varma, S
Paginationxxiii, 230 p. : fig., tab.
Date Published2010-07-01
PublisherFT Press
Place PublishedUpper Saddle River, NJ, USA
ISSN Number9780131367265
Keywordsagriculture, climate, governance, planning, poverty, sdiwrm, water costs, water resources management, water rights, water shortage

This book presents innovative solutions in agriculture, engineering, governance, and beyond, including state-of-the art techniques for integrated water management. The book highlights the severity of the water crisis and analyses why water has become so scarce and what can be done about it. Particular attention is given to agriculture, which is by far the biggest consumer of water and also one of the largest employers of poor people in developing countries. In Africa, the authors suggest that sustainable irrigation is capable of improving livelihoods and production at a smallholder level with the use of rainwater harvesting, groundwater, or small ponds and reservoirs. The authors state that making the use of water for agriculture more efficient isn't rocket science, but add that it will only be achieved if the best science and engineering are combined with first class economic and social policies that ensure water resources are shared equitably. Aimed at those in government, NGOs and the private sector, the book concludes by outlining six recommendations including that water planners: 1) gather high-quality data about water resources; 2) take better care of the environment; 3) reform how water resources are governed; 4) revitalize how water is used for farming; 5) better manage urban and municipal demands for water; and 6) involve marginalized people in water management.


Includes references and index

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