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Helping WASH organisations become more inclusive both in their interventions and within their organisation.

TitleOrganisation inclusion assessment tool
Publication TypeTool
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsAhrari, S
Pagination3 Excel sheets + Guidelines (7 p,.)
Date Published10/2016
PublisherWASH Alliance International
Place PublishedAmsterdam, The Netherlands
Publication LanguageEnglish

This tool has been developed to help WASH Alliance International and its partner organisations become more inclusive and leave no one behind, neither in their interventions nor within their organisation. It looks at eight different “Focus Areas”: Leadership and Accountability; Commitment of Resources; Planning, Implementation and Measurement; Services, Citizens and Community Engagement; Human Resource Policies and Practices; Employee Engagement and Education; and Response to Incidents. It also includes suggestions for strategies and activities plan to improve inclusion level of the organisation for each of these Focus Areas.

The tool consists of:

  • Organisation inclusion assessment tool (Excel sheet)
  • Guidelines to organisation inclusion assessment tool ( 7 p.)
  • Strategies to improve organisation inclusiveness (Excel sheet) [unavailable]
  • Sample action plan/Monitoring tool for improving inclusiveness within organisation (Excel sheet)
Citation Key83715


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