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TitleOperation and maintenance of sustainable sanitation systems
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsMuellegger, S, Langergraber, G, Freiberger, E, McConville, J, Samwel, M, Rieck, C, Scott, P
Secondary TitleSuSanA factsheet (Sustainable Sanitation Alliance)
Pagination8 p.; 8 fig.; photographs
Date Published2011-07-05
PublisherSustainable Sanitation Alliance, SuSanA
Place PublishedS.l.
Keywordsaccess to sanitation, sanitation, sustainability, sustainable development, sustainable livelihoods

The aims of this factsheet are to introduce concepts of operation and maintenance (O&M) for sustainable sanitation systems and to show implemented examples of O&M with their strengths and weaknesses. The target group for this factsheet are practitioners, researchers and policy makers as well as development practitioners who are less familiar with the topic of O&M of sanitation systems. Readers are also referred to the factsheets of other related working groups of SuSanA, such as the working groups on “Costs and economics”, “Food security and productive sanitation systems” and “Sustainable sanitation for schools”. [authors abstract]

Notesith 20 references
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