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TitleNational urban sanitation policy : rating of cities 2010 : towards city wide sanitation
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsRaman, V, Water and Sanitation Program -Washington, DC, US, WSP
Pagination6 p. : boxes, 3 tab., photographs
Date Published2010-05-01
PublisherWater and Sanitation Program, WSP
Place PublishedWashington, DC, USA
Keywordsawareness raising, evaluation, health impact, india, sanitation, sdiasi, sdiman, urban areas

The National Urban Sanitation Policy has set its goal high and the development of state sanitation strategies and city sanitation plans as an integral step in the process of improving urban sanitation. Priority must be accorded to urban sanitation and it is opportune to target improvements using software and hardware resources which are available from local, state and national sources and programs. This rating exercise serves as a baseline for self assessment of cities, and highlights the areas where improvements are required. The rating is meant to serve as a catalyst to states and cities to create more awareness on sanitation and its impact on public health and the quality of its water resources. However it is not sufficient to target mere infrastructure and the success of any plan must be measured by the outcome it achieves by way of public health improvements. The goal of achieving Nirmal Shahars must be done in a consultative and participatory manner and it is essential to involve all stakeholders, especially the households. Households must be encouraged to become active partners in the up-keep, health and quality of life that the city offers to its citizens. [Author's abstract]

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Original PublicationRating of cities : national urban sanitation policy : frequently asked questions




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