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TitleThis is my beautiful home : risk perception towards flooding and environment in low income urban communities : a case-study in Indore, India
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1994
AuthorsStephens, C, Patnaik, R, Lewin, S
Pagination51 p.: 5 fig., 1 tab., 11 boxes
Date Published1994-01-01
PublisherLondon School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Place PublishedLondon, UK
ISBN Number0902657488
Keywordsattitudes, beliefs, cab95/5, case studies, field studies, floods, india madhya pradesh indore, low-income communities, mass media, slums, storm drainage

This research study, to investigate individual and group perceptions of, and adaptations to, flooding as an environmental risk, forms part of a larger research project evaluating stormwater drainage interventions. The study, conducted in August and September (the monsoon season) 1994, before and after several floods, in 4 low-income communities in Indore, India, uses several complementary qualitative methods to collect information such as case studies of individuals and families through in-depth interviews, observation of adaptations made in public and private environments, focus group discussions, and analyses of local English language newspaper reporting on flooding. The results of this research are presented in two parts. One deals with community perceptions of flooding as a risk and discusses how flooding is perceived and the social, economic and health risks of flooding and inundation. The second presents individual and group responses to flooding and includes modifications to the local environment, flood prediction and protection systems, floodwater drainage, and public and private responses to flooding. The conclusions drawn from the study emphasize that since residents are not equally affected by flooding it is essential to understand the differential impact before developing a policy, that interventions should be tailored to local coping strategies, and that strategies to minimize the impact of flooding need to incorporate low-income settlements into broader city structures.

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