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The process, benefits, challenges, and learnings of water safety planning (WSP) in an Ethiopian district, using a mixed method approach and a six-step framework adopted from WHO guidelines.

TitleLearnings from Water Safety Plan implementation in South Ari Woreda
Publication TypeCase Study
Year of Publication2023
AuthorsIbrahim, M, Gebeyehu, B, Gashawbeza, N
Pagination27 p. : 20 fig., 1 tab.
Date Published09/2023
PublisherIRC WASH Ethiopia
Place PublishedAddis Ababa, Ethiopia
Publication LanguageEnglish
Keywordsrevenue collection, water safety plans
This report is about the development and implementation of water safety planning (WSP) in four kebeles (wards) of South Ari woreda (district) in Ethiopia, supported by IRC WASH and the Agenda for Change in Ethiopia projectWSP is a proactive risk assessment and risk management method developed by the World Health Organization (WHO) that encompasses the entire water supply system, from catchment to consumer, and aims to ensure the safety and sustainability of drinking-water supply. The report describes the six main steps of WSP implementation, the benefits, challenges, and learnings from the process, and the changes observed in the kebeles since the WSP activities started, such as improved service level, increased demand for WASH services, and enhanced operation and maintenance activities. The report also provides some case studies and examples of WSP activities and outcomes in the four kebeles, such as community mobilisation, water scheme expansion and protection, sanitation and hygiene promotion, and tariff collection. The report concludes with some recommendations for future WSP support, such as providing refresher training, strengthening documentation, addressing technical issues, and scaling up good practices. [Generated by Bing Chat Enterprise]



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