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This Thematic Overview Paper (TOP) discusses the roles of people, processes, technology and strategy in knowledge management (KM), identifies possible enablers and barriers to success, and provides guidelines to improve KM at the personal and the organisational level. contacts and references.

TitleKnowledge and information management in the water and sanitation sector : a hard nut to crack
Publication TypeLiterature Review
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsVisscher, JT, Pels, J, Markowski, V, de Graaf, S
Secondary TitleThematic overview paper / IRC
Volumeno. 14
Pagination64 p. : boxes, tab.
Date Published06/2006
Place PublishedDelft, The Netherlands
Publication LanguageEnglish
Keywordscase studies, information management, knowledge management, literature reviews, sdiinf, water supply

This Thematic Overview Paper (TOP) attempts to clarify some of the issues around knowledge management (KM). It explores current thinking about knowledge management, information sharing and learning in relation to the sector. It discusses important factors in knowledge management, such as people, processes, technology and strategy, and identifies possible enablers and barriers to success. It also provides guidelines to improve knowledge management at the personal and the organisational level. The TOP also includes comprehensive sections with examples, further reading, TOP models and tools, web sites, contacts and references.

This TOP is primarily meant for people working in the water and sanitation sector. The content is, however, sufficiently generic to be of use to people working in other sectors. The target group includes individuals who want to understand more about the way they acquire knowledge and manage it, trainers who want to find out more about knowledge sharing, and decision-makers responsible for introducing technology to enhance KM in their organisation.


Includes list of websites, contacts and references

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Original PublicationGestion de l’information et des connaissances dans le secteur de l’eau et de l’assainissement
Citation Key57765
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