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TitleKnowledge and information for improved water, sanitation and hygiene : revealing the factors that are complicating the flow and use of knowledge and information on water and sanitation in Uganda
Publication TypeResearch Report
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsVerhaegh, M(Maurice)
Pagination14 p. : fig.
Date Published09/2008
Place PublishedDelft, The Netherlands
Publication LanguageEnglish
Keywordsinformation dissemination, research, sanitation, sdiafr, sdiinf, uganda, water supply

Study initiated by IRC to explore the transfer and use of information at different levels of government in Uganda with the aim to improve the flow of information to and the use of information by the decentralized levels of government. Subject of the study is the national government, at two different districts, and at sub-county level. The fieldwork for this research was carried out between February and July 2008. The report shows that the flow of information decreases at the lower levels: from national to district is still relatively successful, from district to sub-counties varying, and further down to the communities rather poor. However, even when information is reaching the various levels, it is often not used. It seems that the low interest in information sharing and the lack of appreciation for sanitation and hygiene are key factors. Additional factors include the use of written text, where there is no reading culture, and the absence of a rewarding mechanism for using or sharing information.

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