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This document presents IRC's overarching strategic framework and theory of change for the years 2017 to 2030, together with a set of priority actions and objectives for the period

Note that while many elements of this strategy remain relevant, it has been superseded by  IRC's Destination 2030 Strategy, launched together with Water For People in 2021. 

TitleIRC strategy framework 2017-30 : building WASH systems to deliver the Sustainable Development Goals
Publication TypeBriefing Note
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsMoriarty, PB
Pagination33 p. : 4 boxes, 4 fig.
Date Published05/2017
Place PublishedThe Hague, the Netherlands
Publication LanguageEnglish
Keywordstheories of change

This document presents IRC's overarching strategic framework and theory of change for the years 2017 to 2030, together with a set of priority actions and objectives for the period 2017-21.

The lessons learned during IRC's previous business plan period 2012-16 together with the findings of a trend analysis form the basis of the new strategic framework and theory of change. Key among these lessons are:

  • Providing WASH services requires strong national and local systems (building blocks) to be in place
  • Political leadership and public finance are linked, and both are essential to providing universal access to WASH services.

The document has sections on IRC's business plan and organisation, as well as a description of the Agenda for Change initiative.

Summaries of the IRC strategy framework 2017-30 are available in English and French.

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