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TitleInfluencing urban water management through learning alliances a reflection on the 'water club' process in Tel Aviv, Israel
Publication TypeCase Study
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsSharp, P, Cikurel, H, Aharoni, A, A. Ehre, D-, Adin, A
Date Published06-2011

Israel sees water as a strategic resource and the Israeli water sector is highly developed and managed around national, regional and local management bodies. This has resulted in a generally centralised, highly regulated water management structure with national policy handed down to the regional and city governments for implementation. Consequently, Tel Aviv has a small number of well-defined formal administrative structures responsible for water management. In addition, there are a number of multi-stakeholder platforms whereby developments in water management have long been the topic of discussion. The concept of the SWITCH Learning Alliance (LA) was, although slightly difficult to grasp initially, not wholly new to Israel.



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