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TitleThe impact of school WASH in absenteeism : can a school-based water treatment, hygiene and sanitation program influence pupil absenteeism?
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsFreeman, MC, Greene, LE, Dreibelbis, R, Saboori, S, Muga, R, Brumback, B, Rheingans, R
Pagination1 p.
Date Published2012-01-01
PublisherCARE Kenya
Place PublishedNairobi, Kenya
Keywordsaccess to sanitation, access to water, kenya nyanza province, school sanitation and hygiene education program, schools, water treatment

Those that received Water Treatment and Hygiene Promotion showed a 58% reduction in the odds of 2-week absence or an average reduction of six days per year in girls’ absenteeism (controlling for grade and age). Boys were not impacted by the intervention. Schools that received WT and HP and sanitation facilities had a 27% reduction in pupil absence.  [authors abstract]

This is a one page summary based on full-length journal publication, 'Assessing the impact of a school-based water treatment, hygiene and sanitation programme on pupil absence in Nynaza Province, Kenya: a cluster-randomized trial.’ by M.C. Freeman, L.E. Greene, R. Dreibelbis, S. Saboori, R.  Muga, B. Brumback and R. Rheingans.

This is a SWASH+ -output.

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